Bob Ludwig signing contract

Bob Ludwig signing major contract with the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development with His Excellency Ali Al Sharhan, President and CEO of AAAID.

Agribusiness is an industry challenged by science, nature, public perceptions, government regulation and globalization. The Hale Group brings a team of experts to the issues facing our agribusiness clients.

Our objectives when working with clients:

  • Bring industry knowledge, functional expertise and real world experiences to the client team
  • Identify economic, operational, innovative or organization strategies to help our clients accelerate this growth

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with participants in this area to analyze, determine feasibility and develop go-to-market strategies and systems that provide a compelling value proposition and a lasting leadership position.

Agribusiness Resources

Client Base

  • Associations
  • Bio-Tech
  • Chemical
  • Cooperatives
  • Ethanol
  • Government
  • Ingredient Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Processors
  • Seed
  • Technology Providers

Type of Work

  • Advisory
  • Market Research
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Organizational
  • Strategy
  • Private Equity


  • What’s New

    The original Foodservice 2020 and original Foodservice 2025 are still on target and relevant; however, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to send shockwaves around the globe and presents an existential event for the foodservice industry. Given this, The Hale Group has published Updated Foodservice 2025 through this lens and offers a more granular view of the requirements for success.

    As a consultancy traditionally focused solely on strategy, The Hale Group is highlighting the critical role culture plays at a time when the accelerated and non-linear changes in the industry are putting pressure on organizations. In a new thought piece, The Culture-Driven Organization: Its Time Has Come, The Hale Group makes the case: future-state organizations, culture will be the difference maker.

    Back in 2010, The Hale Group published Foodservice 2020 forecasting the future operating environment and this white paper is still relevant – the market has developed and evolved as forecasted. We thought it was time to look at the next planning horizon and so, our newest white paper Foodservice 2025 does that.

    In September 2017, The Hale Group presented Foodservice 2025 at a roundtable event in Dallas. This invitation-only event was sponsored by The Core Group and gathered fifty foodservice industry leaders to vet Foodservice 2025 and engage in a thoughtful, productive discussion about the future foodservice operating environment of 2025.

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